Extremely Nice Girls Pet Peeve #1


So I had to wait about two weeks to write this just to give myself time to mellow down. I didn’t want to add too many extra thoughts because of my feelings at the time so here goes.

Now I will not provide names or give detail of the people involved in order to save myself from getting upset all over again and putting each person out on the world wide web.

Two weeks ago we took the birthday woman out for lunch. There were six of us at the table enjoying ourselves just chatting it up and laughing. We’ve gotten our food and mid way through the waitress comes to the table and asks how the bill will be paid. Now I have in mind that we each pay for our own meals which consist of three couples but the birthday woman quickly says “it’s all together.” Me and the person sitting across from me look at each other like what the heck is she talking about and is she paying for her own birthday meal to be talking for everyone. Now I hate to step on the toes of people who have been on this earth way longer than me so I didn’t say anything because I’m an extremely nice girl (hence the title), but I wanted to say in the nicest way possible “hey, hey now your not paying for any of this so you just sit back and enjoy yourself and let everybody else worry about how the check is going to be paid.” But of course that was not said and we all kept eating.

Fast forward

Now everyone is full of great food and sitting around waiting for the bill but before that someone has a brilliant idea to get the restaurant to sing Happy Birthday while they bring out a cake (no one at the table knew about this but one other person). I have to add that this is not the usual free piece of cake restaurant’s give out when they do their singing. No! This was a whole freaking cake that looked like it should have cost maybe $5, but of course I didn’t say anything because I knew for darn sure I wasn’t paying for that (A Walmart cupcake would have been better but hey who am I). So the song has been sung and everything turns back to normal and that’s when the bill comes out. Of course its layed on the table in the middle where I’m sitting and I look at it to see how much this bill is that no one has offered to pay but the birthday woman has offerd to put all on one bill. $125 *gratuity added.

Now I’m the type of person where my bank account is continuously running through my head all day long subtracting what I spend from what I have and also how long I still have from my next check. I’ve been like this from my first account I’ve opened. I always know what I have and what I want to spend and when to stop myself from spending.

Now that you know how my money mind works back to my story!

So I’m looking at this bill with all six peoples order on it and the person with the brilliant idea to get the cake says “Oh I’ll put $20 down for the cake they brought out.” In my mind im thinking “Umm ok so what about what you ate and got full off of” but of course my nice girl syndrome has kicked in and I just look at her with I’m sure a look that wasn’t quite nice. The birthday woman says “oh ill put some change down.” Now why the heck would the birthday woman put money on a bill when this whole event is for her. Now the person I was with wasn’t at the table for some reason or they would have taken it upon themselves to work this whole matter out but I was forced to. Ugh! Of course!!

I get up from the table with the check and look it over with my money mind and get to figuring out what I’m paying for, me and my other half, and here comes the brilliant cake lady asking me how much am I paying and when I don’t answer her she tries to rush me. Umm excuse me but I am not to be rushed when it comes to my money. So i say “well since we didn’t get the bill split up and I only have a debit card I’m just going to pay $40 and everybody else can pay with cash.” But of course everybody only has a debit card so its going to make it twice as hard for the waitress to complete her side of the transaction because it wasn’t split up in the first place. THANK YOU BIRTHDAY WOMAN!

In the end each person of a couple payed $40 on the bill and it was taken care of. My problem is for someone who isn’t paying a dime of the bill to take it upon themselves to speak for everyone and have one bill and for another person to only want to put $20 down just for the $5 cake that was brought out astonishes me.

When it comes to my money I get extremely protective because I’m the one busting my butt to make my money so don’t mess with it in any way.

This pet peeve has been brought to you by an extremely nice girl thanks for reading!

Has anything happened to you that you’ve noticed is a pet peeve of yours?


Extremely Nice Girls Pet Peeve Series

It has come to my attention that I’m an extremely nice girl who has a long list of pet peeves. Now I’m not sitting down and writing what erks my nerves on a daily basis because if I do I find my self contemplating if that is really a pet peeve or if I’m just being ridiculous.


These are situations that I am placed in that I wouldn’t have noticed are a pet peeve of mine until it happens to me.

Being an extremely nice girl I go through situations that may be hard for me to speak my mind because I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or it would be better if I would just keep my mouth shut instead of voicing my opinion at that particular time.

Now I have to say right now that I am in now way a push over and if something really needs to be said it will be said but that’s usually if I’m pushed to that point of no return. I guess a side effect of being extremely nice.

So sit back and enjoy my pet peeves as I write about them as they happen to me.


Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bars


I got my purchase from ChagrinValleySoap.com after reading a forum on curlynikki.com about their products and how wonderful they are. It took me a while to get the courage to purchase my shampoo bars and hair balm because I’m really skeptical about the products I purchase but I decided to throw everything in the wind and order. I bought the sample shampoo bars of the Babassu & Marsh Mallow and Butter Bar Conditioner and also the Cocoa Butter Whip Hair Balm. The sample sizes are cheap and you get a nice size bar for the price. As you can see in the picture above I cut my bars in half because I have read that a little goes a long way and I can say that’s the truth. I’m currently using the Babassu & Marsh Mallow shampoo bar that I cut in half. I must say this is the best shampoo I have ever used on my hair. It detangles my extra curly, coily hair where I can use my comb to detangle without having to use alot of conditioner. I have noticed once I lather the bar in my hands and apply it to my hair it automatically straightens and softens my tight curly hair.

Since I have been able to use this shampoo bar twice this week I have notices that after I rinse the shampoo out it leaves my hair soft but it does make my hair feel sort of icky but once I apply my conditioner my hair gets even softer and my curls pop back to life. After I wash my hair I wait until my shampoo bar dries completely and store it in a large ziplock bag that way the moisture from the shower isn’t getting on it and it lasts longer.

Now I haven’t used my Butter Bar Conditioner shampoo bar or the Cocoa Butter Whip Hair Balm but I do plan on using really soon. I also plan on buying a full size bar of the Babassu & Marsh Mallow shampoo bar as soon as I get to the other half of the bar.

I recommend everyone give these products a try and find what works for your hair. I’m very pleased of my purchase and will continue to buy products from this company.

To check out their products go to http://www.chagrinvalleysoap.com

Sweet Cinnamon Churro Tortilla Chips!


While grocery shopping at Walmart I came across their Great Value Sweet Cinnamon Churro Tortilla Chips and decided to give them a try.  I have to say that they aren’t bad at all with a sweet cinnamon taste its hard to put these chips down. I’m usually not a heavy chip eater but these will get eaten up in no time. The chips are round and plenty come in a bag.

If you are a calorie counter you can eat 20 chips for 150 calories and get about 10 servings out of the bag.

I paid $1.98 for a bag of these delicious chips and will say its money well spent. Walmart did a good job making these chips and as long as they make them I will be buying.

U R Curly Loose Curl Enhancer Product Review

I found UR Curly Loose Curl Enhancer at Walmart and bought it on a whim just to try a new product to hopefully add to my stash. I was attracted by the Loose Curl Enhancer title in hopes that it would loosen my tight curly hair. I used this product for my wash and go and must say that it did loosen my curls because usually with my wash and go’s my hair suffers from major shrinkage but not after using this product. And a major plus is that I got great hair comments that day and I usually don’t get any because everyone that I work with and my students see my hair everyday so it’s nothing new to them but that day it was.

This product is a gel and feels like a gel once you pour enough product into your hand to coat your hair. It isn’t too thick and for me didn’t make my hands or hair sticky. My hair didn’t frizz up the first time I used and it did leave my hair feeling soft. Now I do have to say that I did not get a good second day hair with the product because my hair frizzed up really bad (something the product says it controls) so I ended up putting it in my usual puff.

I will use this product again but it will only be for my wash and gos and only for that day.

Back In Time

Days ago a good friend brought up going back to high school days and reliving those days not to change anything but to live free of the “real world”. I agreed that if I had the chance to go back I wouldn’t change one thing about how I lived my life. I would go back mainly because of the care free life that was once lived. Being bill, and emotionally free to live life with rose colored glasses would be great again. Its funny how when we are young we can’t wait to grow up and move away from home and gain our own independence. Once we gain all of that its easy to say we wish to have the good old days to be care free again.

Now I’m in no means saying that life for me now is just this aweful experience that I regret. I love my life and most important I love myself and everything I have been through because I am a stronger person but to think of once again living in a carefree world where I don’t have to worry about how things will work out financially and emotionally would be pretty cool. I would not want to stay in the good old days forever because there is a reason they are called the good ol days but for a week would be fine with me.

What good days would you like to go back to and would you want to change anything while you’re there?

6 Month Trim Update!!!


Okay so I just got my hair trimmed about an hour ago and I must say I am so glad I did it. I’ve been wanting to get this done but I was always scared about who would be touching my hair because I know not everybody knows what they are doing with natural hair and it has been six months since my last beauty salon visit. Of course I could have been like the awesome naturalistas I have come to look up too and trimmed my own hair but I know me and scissors are not a good pair. I made my appointment to get my hair trimmed on Tuesday and even then my hands were clammy and nervous just making the call.

Fast forward to today,

As I’m driving up to the salon I start to have second thoughts about what I was about to do. Keep in mind that this is my first time that someone is touching my lovely puff. As I walk in of course I case the place from ceiling to floor trying to find something wrong with it so I could run out screaming and waving my arms in the air like a mad woman, but I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary so I gave them my name and sat down to wait my turn. I didn’t have to wait long before it was my turn in the hot seat. As I stand up I try to get a glimpse of the door I had just came through counting the number of steps it would take to jump over the lady sitting on the couch in the waiting area to the door and to my car.  I sucked up my nerves and sat in the chair to let the stylist (Joyce) get to work. I wore a puff instead of doing a wash and go this morning that way my hair was stretched and not in my usual tight curls because I knew that would not have been fun to have her wash and try to detangle my hair. For the first five minutes of her trimming my hair my heart was beating fast and after a couple of seconds I realized I was holding my breath. Joyce started talking to me and asking me what I used on my hair and after conversing with her I started to loosen up and relax a bit. I do have to say that I am glad I wore my hair in a puff and it was stretched because it didn’t hurt while she was combing through my hair. I was surprised when she told me my hair was soft and moisturized and easy to comb through. It gave me a little more confident in my own hair care and reassured me that what I am doing for MY hair is the best for MY hair and that what I’m doing to MY hair is working.

After my trim I noticed a difference in the look and shape of my hair and how much more fluffier it got just from a trim. I can’t wait to condition and wash my hair tomorrow (my normal hair pampering day) and see how the detangling process will go.

What were your emotions during your first trim and how did you feel after it was done?